Handmade Mosaics

Casa Mosaica Studio

Casa Mosaica Studio (CMS) designs and fabricates unique hand-made bespoke mosaics using traditional Roman tools and distinct designs to integrate this ancient technique with stunning and harmonious effect in your contemporary schemes. 

Installed worldwide in floors, on walls, bathrooms and gardens; As well as offering an exclusive, limited collection of distinctively appealing finished mosaic pieces. 

Mosaics were the status symbols of the ancient Romans, traditionally applied to floors, the medium of mosaic was viewed not only as a show of wealth but an efficient floor covering, durable and delightful to walk on as well as a symbolic talking point. Later the Byzantines embellished the walls of their churches with brilliant mosaics of gold.

While CMS designs are inspired not only by abstract ideas but the 2 dimensional, carpet effect mosaics of the 6th Century BC, Opus Sectile pavements, Moroccan rugs, Islamic patterns and designs from nature...it’s using the same methods and techniques as the Romans nearly 2000 years ago that is the particular characteristic of CMS’s style; making each mosaic a totally unique and exclusive piece, like a rare hand made rug.