Handmade Mosaics

Ornamental Mosaic Pieces

Ornamental mosaics can add another dimension to a room, as outdoor or indoor wall art as well as by adorning a blank space.

For example “The Squaring of the Circle” with its sacred connotations (see below), uses splendidly rich materials such as gold-leaf tesserae (available in an assortment of 25 shades, from white to copper gold) and Venetian Smalti glass: manufactured (since the time of the Byzantine Empire) in several thousand shades.


The Squaring of the Circle is an ancient symbol in many cultures. It refers to the marriage of spirit and matter: the square with four equal sides and angles symbolises the grounded, “four square” solidity of the earth and all matter.

The circle is the perfect symbol of the mystery of infinity due to the relationship between the circumference and its diameter called Pi, or 22/7.

If the circumference is divided mathematically by the diameter it produces a fraction which goes on forever without resolution . Thus there is a mystery as well as the fact that geometrically the radius will divide the circle perfectly into a six-petalled flower around the centre, and also makes a hexagon with the six points on the circle.

“Squaring the Circle” means the circle of which the circumference is equal in length to the four sides of a square. It is achieved by celestial geometry which combines the radii of earth and moon.

The size of this piece is 138cm or 55in; it is made from gold-leaf tesserae, Venetian Smalti glass, marble and mirror.